Anssi Rantasalo takes over as the new Senior Vice President of Finelcomp

Finelcomp has its eye set on the international market. The newly appointed Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Strategy Anssi Rantasalo brings with him exceptional vision on how to internationalize Finnish companies. Having served as a member of the board of directors for several years, Rantasalo can get right to business in a familiar company.

Anssi Rantasalo has built a venerable career as, among others, CEO and sales manager of Kemppi Oy, and has served as a member of the board in several growth companies. One of these companies is Finelcomp, where he has served on the board for two and a half years. In his new position Rantasalo will focus especially on opening up new international markets. Rantasalo holds a M. SC degree in business management as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree.

– Anssi is a visionary leader, with an impressive background in creating growth and internationalizing Finnish companies, says Finelcomp MD Esa Kivi.

– It is also a significant advantage that Anssi has served on the board of directors of Finelcomp for several years and is familiar with the company.

Rantasalo starts on December 1.

A strong international vision

Finelcomp’s internationalization project is looking promising according to Rantasalo.

– We’re aiming for a leap in internationalization, one that will take our organization to the next level. Finelcomp is currently in a position where the domestic market alone is not enough for growth. We must rev up and make our moves in select key markets.

– We have all the ingredients for success. Our product portfolio and market position are excellent, and we have been developing our sales organization systematically.

Rantasalo calls for a braver commercial approach from Finnish companies hoping to internationalize.

– When you’re heading out into the world, more than anything you need commercial bravery and extending a commercial way of thinking to all organizational levels and all phases of product development.

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