The multi-functional system can be used as a single enclosure or several enclosures can be combined into a larger complex. The modular structure is available in various width, depth, and height options.

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Fixed-structured enclosures

The frame of the system is made by riveting and welding. The parts are fastened on the frame with screws. Our other product series can also be used in constructing a system that meets the special needs of each purpose, as the parts of the F NBS system are compatible with the S-series.

S-series provides a wide range of sizes and uses the same door structure as the E- and F-series. The available door sizes range from 140 to 1960 mm.

The frame of the system has been provided with pre-punched holes and grounding screws to enable easy grounding. Doors are grounded via hinges and screws.

Screen-protected structures can be built on one or two levels. For two-level installation, either plastic or metal partition covers are used.

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