The flexible modular structure can be extended in all three dimensions and is perfect for enclosing distribution boards and control and automation centres. The cell centre system can be made one-sided or two-sided and the units can be fixed or removable.

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Low voltage cell centre systems

Cell centre systems can include both horizontal and vertical bus bars. The bus bars can be installed at any height, either in the middle part or at the back of the centre. When installed in the middle, the bus bars allow for constructing a two-sided structure.

The cell centre system is compatible with the F-series insulating flanges designed for low voltages (sizes 10x10-10x50mm) or E-series insulating flanges recommended for higher voltages (sizes 10x20-10x120mm). The bus bars can be made either of aluminium or copper.

A cable tray can be installed inside the base structure, either for the entire length of the centre or at selected sections.

Type-tested sliding or removable units have been designed for easy maintenance and replacement. The unit structure is equipped with ventilation and locking and has a separate compartment for cables and connections.

Any pressure caused by an arc short-circuiting is released via the opening ceiling structure.

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