Impact of the coronavirus

During the past weeks, the coronavirus has spread and influences on the life of us all. Many countries have closed the borders and declared exceptional measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

In this situation the safety of our colleagues, co-operation partners and customers is of most importance. Therefore, we are prepared to fight the risks of the coronavirus by several means. We actively follow the instructions of the Finnish government and authorities. For now, we shall not visit the customers or have visitors at the factory. We also avoid travelling in Finland and abroad. Also, remote working is preferred.

Our production is working and we do our best to realize all the deliveries like planned. Some delays have been reported by the freight traffic, especially by the country borders. In addition to this, the ferry traffic has some cancellations, which may cause some delay by the international traffic. 

We shall do everything possible to guarantee the customer projects also during the state of emergency. The team of Finelcomp is there for you like always, and do not hesitate to contact us to find the solution to any trouble related to your product needs, weather our present customer or someone planning to be one.

The influences of the coronavirus shall be evaluated daily and we inform You by up-to-date briefing. We want to thank You for the patience during this unexpected new situation and we wish You all tolerance and strength 


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