• Finelcomp to partner with skier Kerttu Niskanen

The sponsorship co-operation of Finelcomp Oy is based on companionship united with the similar values. We seek strong growth both domestically and internationally and the purpose of sponsorship is to support this goal. Equally important for us is to make the successs of our partner possible.

Kerttu Niskanen is the first partner from the world of sports for Finelcomp

Kerttu Niskanen is one of the strongest skiers in Finland. She is already a World Youth Championships winner and has multiple women´s team relay medals under her belt. Finelcomp and Kerttu share the common strength of commitment and the active work to reach our goals.

- We may compete in different fields, but our values are the same. I am driven by a genuine passion for the sport and the desire to continuoysly test my personal limits. That is what endurance sports are basically all about - there is something fascinating in pushing yourself and not letting go, Kerttu Niskanen confirms the idea.

This year, her main goals are set on the World Championships, taking place at the turn of February and March in Oberstdorf, Germany.

– My aim is to be in peak condition in Oberstdorf. I hope to return with my first personal World Championships medal in the adult division, says Niskanen.

We are proud to be supporting Kerttu and make her journey towards the succes in all the upcoming competitions possible.

- I am really happy about our argreement. Professional sports would not be possible without personal sponsors. What is truly great is when the collaboration grows deeper and your partners are with you in spirit in each competition, says Niskanen.

Photo:  Jesse Väänänen